I'm married to my best friend. I'm a messy eater and as my body allows I'm getting back in shape.
My heart's desire is to serve the Lord then my hubby.
I love cats.
I love photography.

These two boys! ❤️#mancrusheveryday #aussiesofinstagram

When children (aka my husband) play with their left over food…. You get this!

So thankful this man weathers the storms with me and stays by my side in times of fear, hurt, disappointment and all the messy days life brings. #myhero #makesmydaybetter #lostwithouthim #makesthepajnbareable

Here is a #transformationtuesday for our home! More of these to come!

A time to restore my soul. My heart aches to be renewed and refreshed. I want so much more out of life. I want to walk away from the mundane and all that has hurt my heart so. The lack of care so many show breaks my heart. I give so much of myself. Daily. When someone shows the slightest bit of care, support, and genuine love it truly does shake me. Reminds me of the good in this world. There is sincerity it’s just hard to find. Thank you to those that show me love. My world wouldn’t keep spinning without you.

Tonight, I am scared. I’m scared, discouraged and disappointed. I’m praying for a good report tomorrow to put my mind and heart at ease.


Recipe: Healthy Banana Blueberry Bread
This recipe is as guilt-free as you can possibly get for a sweet bread.

Must make!

Staying put today. No camera in hand. My body needs it. 😔 at least I’ll enjoy my cute new home today!

Just hanging out in our home! #waitingforcox #ilovethisplace #daysofftogether