I'm married to my best friend. I'm a messy eater and as my body allows I'm getting back in shape.
My heart's desire is to serve the Lord then my hubby.
I love cats.
I love photography.

that our flaws, weaknesses, and hardships make us beautiful, encouraging, compassionate and downright amazing.

You know why, because it builds us into the man/woman that God has called us to be. 

Every moment you decided to put one foot in front of the other you give yourself hope, you give others hope and you are reaffirming your faith in Christ. You haven’t failed, and you aren’t giving up. You are mearly walking in the valley waiting for God to call you to the mountaintop with Him. 

So don’t lose hope, don’t lose faith. It’s okay to cry, I’ve done a lot of that lately. If only you knew what I was walking through. I’m still standing. I’m still believing for a better day. I’m holding onto a hope and a faith and a love that is bigger and greater and more compassionate and generous than I could ever be. 

Thank you God for loving me. Thank you God for sending the most perfect and loving people into my life when I have needed them the most. Thank you for those that drop everything for me. For those that will mearly sit and talk with me. Thank you for those that pray with me. That find a way to make me smile. and simply say I LOVE YOU. 

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